Video Calling and Multi-tab UI to be launched soon by WhatsApp

The popular mobile chat application, WhatsApp that does not have the feature of video calling yet is, now, planning to launch video calling feature. At the same time, it also plans to launch a multi-tab UI which enables users to navigate from one conversation to another without going back to the main chat list.

Furthermore, users will also be able to mute the call and can include a facility to switch between the primary and front facing cameras.

In fact, all these have been revealed by a German website that has posted on WhatsApp an ongoing video call for iOS supported mobile. It is true that there are several video calling applications but, nonetheless only a few companies such as IMO and Skype successfully executed their services and video calling features.

Nevertheless, these companies are not able to produce video calling feature in slower networks. Hence, WhatsApp of iOS version is testing internally to implement this feature so that users can get clear visible video calls even in slower networks connection.

However, here it is noteworthy that the company has not released any information about its video calling feature by now.