The problem of pollution is increasing in the world day by day. In some places, people measure the level of pollution with the help of a large size air quality monitoring device in their home and office. Now, the Silicon Valley-based Sprimo Labs has manufactured a new portable gadget which helps to check the pollution level with the help of the iPhone. 

Without Battery Sprimo Will Work:

This tiny air pollution gadget can be connected to iPhone's Lightning Port

This small Sprimo personal air monitor will be connected to the iPhone’s Lightning Port, and this tiny gadget will start working automatically without the battery. In fact, it will take power from iPhone. The specially-made app for this gadget can be opened in the iPhone and the user will also be able to check the surrounding air quality along with temperature and humidity.

The quality of air will show in colours:

The data about the quality of air begins to display on screen once the device is connected to IPhone

This tiny gadget will check the VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and with the help of the app, it will give information about the number and colours on the iPhone screen.

In the app, GOOD will be display in Green colour, while OK will be written in yellow colour. Apart from this, Red colour in the app will show NASTY, and the user will get a symbol to leave the area. Moreover, the app will also come equipped with Sprimo community feature, in which air quality readings from multiple locations are displayed on the city map. 

Android version:

According to the company, after the production, this product will be made available for sale at the price of $ 40 . At the same time, the company is planning also to make an Android version of this gadget soon.