Pictar attachment converts your IPhone to a camera with DSLR capabilities

Many people use the smartphone to take photo, though every smartphone does not have special elements such as a physical camera button or a great design in terms of photography. Now, there are several products (device) available in the market, which will make your smartphone just like a portable camera.

Miggo Pictar is such a device, that uses ultra sound to communicate with the cover iPhone. To use the Pictar, you must have any Apple smartphone – iPhone 4 to iPhone 6S, on which this cover can be attached. Pictar hand grip is equipped with several button controls and with the help of them photography is easy and, at the same time this cover can also be used as hand gloves.      

iPhone will work as DSLR camera:

The shutter button of this cover works like DSLR camera which focus sets on half press and the photo gets clicked when pressed completely. It has been, too, provided a ring in which zoom- in and zoom- out options are available. Additionally, a switch button has been given also on the front and rear camera.   

Low impact on battery

This cover will not low your iPhone’s batteries soon, since it uses high- frequency audio signals to communicate with your iPhone, which sound does not reach your ears, because this technology uses less power than Bluetooth.


Its price may come between $ 70 and $ 90 approximately.