Sony expands its family of smart phones including Sony Xperia Z and Xperia Z Ultra with new Model called Xperia Z1 that is packed to the rafters with cutting-edge tech. Thanks to Sony that it recognized the main drawbacks that it faced with its early versions such as Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Z and succeeded up to a level in overcoming them in its new product, Xperia Z1.

Design and styling

Xperia Z1 display features

The Sony Xperia Z1, which is almost similar to the predecessor Xperia Z, is a comfortable smartphone to hold with its slimness and slightly less harsh edges. Though it’s front and back is covered with tempered glass, the solid one piece aluminium frame with two tones adds a bit of weight to the device, though it is not a disadvantage. Don’t worry, if your Xperia Z1 fells in water, its waterproofing feature will make you able to handle the device with wet hand. Sony presents Xperia Z1 in three different colours of white, black and purple.

In order to provide the features of water resistance and dust proofing and to accommodate the new camera sensor maintaining the flat exterior, the chassis of Xperia Z1 is packed with more metal that makes the device hefty, which you can feel when you hold the phone for the first time. The open and unfettered headphone slot in Xperia Z1 makes the device more usable by removing the need of having a cover for the headphone that had with its predecessor. Another feature is the microSD card slot that can partly compensate the lack of a removable battery. If you are ready to neglect the drawback of sheer heft, Xperia Z1 is a well-finished phone made with a number of premium materials.


Xperia Z1, which is larger than Xperia Z in size, keeps the same sized 5 inches Full HD screen with resolution of 1920×1080. But, the triluminous technology that Sony has implemented in its Bravia TVs can also be found in Xperia Z1 to present pictures with more vivid and realistic colours, deep contrast and pin-sharp clarity. If you compare the same photo between the Z and the Z1, you can see the colours like red, blue and green are much richer on the Z1. Moreover, the camera that uses EXMOR tech, can provide pin-sharp images, mainly while browsing the web or watching a video. However, it fails to provide impressive viewing angles compared to other phones and you may experience some amount of drop off to colour vibrancy, when you view the content from the side. Even though Xperia Z1 is just a step back while compared to the color reproduction of Samsung Galaxy S4 and the clarity of the G2, it does not mean that the device is not a good choice.