What is your preference while purchasing a laptop, the attractive design, terrific battery life or large screen without added weight? You can experience all these features in one device, if you choose Sony Vaio Du0 13 ultrabook. This hybrid ultrabook with its unique bit of engineering inside and outside as well as impressive and advanced look is certainly a better choice than is predecessor, Duo 11. But before reaching in a final decision of purchasing it please know that it is not a cheap ultrabook and continue reading to check whether it can probably give the value for your money.

Features and Designs

Sony Vaio duo 13 ultrabook display

Sony Vaio Duo 13 silver ultrabook, with a weight of 2.9 pounds, is available in white or black borders and with a silver carbon fiber chassis. Its tablet mode measures a relatively thin 13 inches wide, 0.77 inches thick and 8.3 inches deep. Just like the Sony Duo 11, Sony Vaio Duo 13 slider ultrabook are transformable from a tablet to a laptop position using a spring-loaded mechanism that moves the tablet into a semi-tablet to a laptop. But, as it uses a much smaller hinge of 3.4 inches, the screen angle can’t be adjusted when the device is in laptop mode. Two metal studs that fit into two notches on the bottom of the tablet are used to hold the screen in place on the keyboard desk.


Sony Vaio Duo 13 slider ultrabook has a reflective IPS panel that sports full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, which is just about right for a very decent 13 inch device to work properly. Even though it is the only panel choice for the Sony Vaio Duo 13, its anti-glare protective foil can reduce reflections and protect the display from dirt and scratches. The opticontrast screen with a contrast ratio of 1151:1 and black levels of 0.32 cd/m2 make turning photos, vivid colours, movies, games and even documents an eye-popping experience. The bigger touch screen with dimensions of 19.5x210x330mm is a bit easier to use. Sharp and bright images with co color distortions even at extreme angles and great viewing angles are other advantages of Sony Vaio Duo 13 slider ultrabook. However, the annoyingly strong reflections may make you feel difficult to read the text or view the images in direct sunlight. But, it possesses an excellently performing touchscreen which makes all your pinching, gesturing, zooming and swiping movements smooth and accurate.


The amply-sized keyboard of Duo 13 also possesses a lot of empty space between all keys. It also has a number of useful laptop controls that can regulate the brightness of the display. The thin designed and back-lit keyboard with a fine layout is better than that of Duo 11 and acceptable for a normal user, but not satisfying for a person who plans to write a book due to its short travel and little movement of the keys.


The tiny touchpad that measures 8.0×2.5 centimetres is not much easy to use, as its small surface area makes the users take a long time to cross the entire desktop, even though its silverfish surface that is smooth yet finger-proof makes it gliding-friendly. Don’t wonder by not seeing the separate mouse buttons, the one clickpad itself is able to interpret any click as a right mouse click or left mouse click based on the finger position of the user.

Stylus pen

Vaio Duo 13 comes with a stylus pen that is conductive like human skin and has its own battery is helpful while you are drawing or writing on the device in desktop mode. You can stow it in a pull-out retainer or in a plastic holder that is clipped to the right side of the chassis in laptop mode.