Several times, our computer or laptop affected from viruses during surfing the Internet. But, if you take care of these effective tips during surfing the Internet, you can certainly save your system from viruses.    

Some useful tips to Secure your Laptop and Computers From Viruses

1 Take care while searching Hollywood Celebrities

With the search of your favourite Hollywood celebrity, your computer or laptop may come with viruses. In fact, along with the names of world celebrities, malware and virus are sometimes attached.

In 2015, Intel Security Group released the list of The Intel Security Most Dangerous Celebrities. While searching them, up to 20 percent of viruses enter the computer or laptop. This list include 10 names such as Katie Perry, Britney Spears, Luke Brian and so on.

So, if you click to know about the celebrities’ secret footage and controversies, pay attention to this. Never click on every link. You can read articles by visiting trusted websites or official websites of celebrities.    

2 Be aware when using a cloud service

Nowadays, the cloud service has become a good option for keeping your data safe. However, here too viruses can easily come into your system. Hence, whenever you use the cloud service, be aware that your data is in encryption mode.   

3 Identified Secure Website

By now, ‘http’ is considered the security certification for any website. But many times viruses come from ‘http’ websites also. Therefore, before visiting any unknown sites, check in the address bar whether the logo of lock exists or not before ‘https’.

4 Install Advanced Antivirus

Antivirus works well only when it is kept updated. You may have known that viruses, worms and Trojan Horses are created everyday. Antivirus updates need to be updated to fight these. There are many antivirus available in the market, which eliminate the new virus every day. So, by installing such antivirus, you can keep your computer or laptop safe.

5 Online Movies are safe

Torrent sites, for movies, songs and other media downloads, are consider as malware – free, though it too has virus infected ads, which directly come into your system without interaction. Therefore, you can watch movies online rather than downloading them. It will certainly reduce the chance of entering viruses in to your computer or laptop.