Nowadays the news of the virus attack has become very common. No matter the virus is in the computer system or in the smartphone. According to a recent report, millions of viruses occur every second on the internet. So the best option is beware of these viruses. But, how do you know if your device has a virus or not ?

For your information, if you get unwanted e-mail on your Gmail which offers to make some money, and for this you are asked to log in or sign in to a website, then this type of email is done to access your account.

You will know this through a few small steps, whether your smartphone has a virus or not

Does my phone has a virus ? Symptoms 

Self – operating

Your smartphone starts operating automatically. As you have given some commands to your smartphone, it stops for a moment and starts operating on its own.

Mobile data usage

The existing data in your smartphone ends with more speed and battery backup is also affected.   

Data Delete

You may have seen sometimes in your smartphone that data is going to be automatically deleted. It is a symbol that your smartphone has a virus.

Slow operating system

By giving more commands to your device or by opening a game, if you feel that the game is slow, then it is also a symbol that your device has a virus, though if there is no place in your RAM, you can face this kind of problem.

Phone heating

Normally, your smartphone does not have a heating problem. If you have media tech processor category smartphone, then there is a problem of heating but not much. However, if the heating problem is much, then your device may have a virus.