Windows XP will expire in April 2014

The official support for Microsoft Windows XP OS will seize in April 2014.That includes Windows XP Service Pack 3 as well.The popular OS from Microsoft which was first launched in August 2001 will not have hotfixes or patches,assisted support,security updates and all online technical support for the Windows XP from next year.

Microsoft has issued advisory to users and organizations using Window XP OS in their environment to seriously consider for upgradation to the latest available OS like Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.

There would be two major effects after the microsoft pulls out the plug for XP

What are the risks ?

  • Software vendors and hardware manufacturers will stop application support for Windows XP on their new versions and models.In that case you won’t be able to run latest software.The hardwares like webcam , printers ,scanners etc with advanced features may not work with your old os.
  • Without patches and security updates for the Windows XP OS systems would be compromised by the hackers and have greater security risks.

Lots of things have changed in IT world since Microsoft XP was launched.Microsoft wants to capture the market of smart devices like tablets and smart phones and XP unlike Windows 8 does not fit the bill.Currently the market share of Windows 7 is 44.85% and is Windows XP 37.74%. The windows 8 currently has a share of 5.10% and microsoft is expecting the upgrades of Win XP to Windows 8 which will shoot up its market share.