Samsung NP535U4C-S02In laptop, which provides better graphic performance, great battery life and better sound quality at a an affordable budget, is one of the perfect choices for users, who want to buy one single device that can justify all their personal and professional requirements. This sleek and stylish laptop that features Windows 8 operating system becomes the favorite of budget constrained customers by combining look and power in one machine at a reasonable rate. This laptop, which is exclusively designed for mobile life, is highly portable. Just go through this review, if you are interested to know more about Samsung 5 535.

Design and style

 Samsung NP535U4C S02IN is a sleek and thin model with just 1.81 kg of weight

Samsung NP535U4C-S02IN ultra book provides great comfort to the users with its highly functional design. It, which comes with height of 20.9 mm, width of 333.1mm and depth of 229.5mm, has 1.81 kg weight that makes the device highly portable while compared to other laptops in the market having same specifications.


Samsung NP5354c-S02IN ultra book possesses a Super Bright 300nit HD LED anti-reflective display of 14 inches that ensure clear viewing experience. The device with 1366×768 resolutions makes the eyes of the users feel less tired with 50% brighter screen and the image enhancer technology makes them able to see everything including photos, videos, websites and documents clearly even in the sunshine. Its HD high resolution allows the display providing much more viewing area and the users can see the images and texts incredibly sharp. Every little detail of your favorite films and pictures can be viewed easily and enjoyed.


The remarkable specifications of Samsung NP535U4C-S02In laptop include an island-type keyboard that ensures trouble free typing and fewer errors. The touchpad is smooth enough to make the navigation seamless and smooth.

Form factor

The Samsung Series 5 535 that comes in silver color unites durability and professional style. Its exterior, which is made of cool metallic aluminium, is sophisticatedly simple and refined. But the underside, which is made with fiber glass, is light and resistant to wear and damage. It provides protection to the device from the bumps and knocks of life on the road.


Samsung NP535U4C S02IN ultrabook is an AMD laptop

Samsung NP535U4C-S02In ultra book, which is powered by the 2.0 GHz AMD A 10-4655M quad-core accelerated processor, provides a turbo boost of power up to 2.8 GHz. The other specification includes a turbo boost CORE 3.0 technology. The device also offers integrated AMD Radeon HD 7620G graphics that supports DirectX 11 for fast and vivid visuals. Its award winning Intel Wireless display functionality allows the users enjoy great image clarity and sound on the HDTV with no need of plugging in any cables.

The Samsung 5 series features the latest development technology, two super-speed USB 3.0 ports. USB 3.0 offers the fastest and most efficient way for retrieving and transferring large files between your PC and external hard drive or digital camera. The device also has a standard USB 2.0 port plus USB 3.0 is backward compatible. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, fast wireless-N Wi-Fi networking, a 1.3 megapixel HD webcam integrated into the bezel and a 4-in-1 SD memory card are the other features of Samsung NP535U4C-S02IN ultra book. The device is pre-installed with the Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.

Expandable features

Samsung Series 5 535 notebook solve the drawback of lack of storage or memory that really affect your ability to work efficiently, as it includes a HDD (500GB) that has over twice the capacity of other models. It also possesses 8 GB of upgradable memory that will help you multi-task efficiently. A full HDMI port to connect an HD monitor or HDTV, plus a VGA adapter to connect to projectors or standard monitors are the other features of the Samsung NP535U4C-S02IN ultra book.

Powerful Quad-core accelerated processor

The device features a 2.0 GHz AMD A 10-4655M quad-core accelerated processor that combines a graphics processing unit (GPU) and CPU on a single chip. It helps accelerate daily applications along with delivering lower power consumption. With this APU, you can offload demanding tasks and applications quickly from your CPU to the GPU that will enable you to do more works in your computer in less time. It will also provide an extra boost of performance up to 2.8 GHz of power to do the demanding calculations, graphics or other heavy tasks and also provide greater power efficiency.

Wireless and networking

Wireless-N Wi-Fi that requires wireless-N router to optimize range and speed offers fast connectivity to home and business networks. Next-generation Bluetooth 4.0 can provide faster throughout and minimize the power requirements.

Connectivity and expansion

Samsung 5 series 535 includes 2 USB 3.0 ports with USB sleep and charge that offer fast data transfer with 10x speed of USB 2.0. So you can download a 25 GB HD movie just in 70 seconds. Its HDMI port that connects to a home theatre receiver or compatible HDTV provides uncompressed digital audio and video via a single cable. It also possesses multi-format memory card slot compatible with SDHC, SD, SDXC and MMC media. VGA video output, microphone and headphone jacks are the other connectivity options. The left side of the device possess slots for DC-in, USB 3.0, LAN, HP/MIC combo, HDMI and VGA adapter. The right side is occupied with USB 2.0 slots, 4-in-1 SD card slot, security slot and optical disk drive.

Battery life

Samsung-NP535U4C S02IN 6 hours on single charge

You don’t have to worry about the sudden and unexpected break to your work with Samsung series 5 535, as it can deliver up to 6 hours of power on a single charge. So, you can stay focus on your work, even when you are at your favorite café or you are on a flight. Moreover, the battery life can be extended up to 1,500 cycles/3 years with Samsung’s battery Life Plus technology.


The main attraction of Samsung NP535U4C-S02IN ultra book is nothing but its thin and light design that makes the users to carry the device anywhere easily as well as wonderful display. It is powerful enough to do graphic works such as photoshop and video rendering. It has a beautiful design with edges that evoke its user’s electiveness. The good battery life of the device makes the users able to run it at least 5 hours continuously with multiple chrome tabs open. As it possesses 6 GB RAM and 1GB of VRAM, video editing can be done easily.


Even though Samsung series 5 535 possesses fast processor and RAM, you have to wait for programs to load, as its disk is slow. Its RAM is cheap, especially if the user is the semiconductor manufacturer. Samsung could have provided 4 GB full in the slot, but it is soldered on the motherboard. It comes with pre-installed useless software Bloat ware. The other drawbacks are the Norton AV and online backup for only two months. Even though Windows 8 is not really a disadvantage, it is not one of the best UI.

In short, while Samsung NP535U4C-S02IN ultra book is outstanding in several features like comfortable keyboard, quality display, lightweight and long battery life, it also has some drawbacks like too hot and freezes up. Music, video, graphics, Web browsing and word processing are the best uses of this device. Samsung makes its new ultra book named NP535U4C-S02IN available for users at a market price of $775 (Rs.42, 000) and offers 1 year warranty.