It is a need of everybody, who has to work with laptops for hours, to give a break to their brain for sometimes playing any computer games or listening to their favourite songs. But, using two tablets or laps that possess two differed operating system to achieve this task is not practical. But, what you think, if you are able to do your work in windows 8 along with enjoying your favourite games in android? Yes, Samsung provides this unique opportunity with its most advanced AITV Q.

Design and style

Samsung ATIV Q is very light weight windows hybrid tablet

The Samsung ATIV Q, with the thickness of 13.9mm and the weight of 1.29 kg has functional as well as attractive design that is growing and winning with its convertible options and multiple forms.It is the thinnest Windows based Tablet pc  launched till yet.

Samsung ATIV Q has multiple form factors like  typing, tablet, floating and stand

The big deal of Samsung ATIV Q is its million modes for looking at the screen. The main modes include ‘typing’, ‘tablet’, ‘floating’ and ‘stand’. Just push nicely from the bottom to operate the device in tablet mode by settling it above the keyboard. You can activate floating mode by simply tilting the screen upwards and face it away from you. The floating mode makes the shape of Z letter by keeping the screen parallel to the keyboard. If you want to use Samsung ATIV Q, while you having your breakfast, just push the screen. In this stand mode, you can use the keyboard as a stand and the display will flip. This is the most useful mode, if you are ready to tap away on the keys. The form factor makes you easy to view movies and read in bed because it takes less space, if you lean it against your knees or head-board. You have to be satisfied with the black color in which Samsung ATIV Q is available now in market, if you want to purchase a piece. But please check your bank balance before booking the Q, which is released on August 2013, as it has a cost of $ 1599 in the market.

Samsung ATIV Q has 3,200 x 1,800 pixels resolution on 13.3 inch screen

A vibrant and eye catching touch screen that stretches to 13.3 inch and possesses a better than retina resolution of 3,200 x 1,800 pixels is the feature that impress you first, when you see a Samsung ATIV Q. This ultra-modern tablet display with 275 pixels-per-inch image density has a mid-mounted screen hinge that allows the tablet to be used in plenty of different configurations. High resolution may be the common feature that you can find on any other ultra-look or convertible device. But what makes your Samsung ATIV Q special is its brightness and contrast as well as great viewing angles with barely a vertical or horizontal shift in contrast or brightness at the extremes.


It has a well-spaced keyboard with volume buttons column on the left and a dedicated desktop mode. As its keys are big enough, your typing task will be fairly comfortable, once you get used to the device.

Features and performance

Look around the sides of Q, you can see an USB port that is covered with protective flap. There will be a power key beneath the port and headphone/mic combo jacks between these two. The left side is occupied with an auto rotate switch and a volume rocker. A power jack and a RJ45 jack with a dedicated dongle are also situated above them. You can also see an HD 720p-capable front web camera above the display for video chat.

S pen:
Samsung ATIV Q has  built-in S Pen stylus tucked on the right side

Don’t think that only a computer savvy can use this device. A built-in S Pen stylus, which is tucked conveniently on the right side of Samsung ATIV Q will help you jot down things with the S Note app and draw with Paint. In short, you can annotate to your heart’s desire, even though the heavy set up of the Q makes people a little tough to be used it as a clipboard of a straight-up tablet.

Samsung ATIV Q claims the storage capacity of 128 GB SSD and the battery life of 9 hours and you can expand the built-in memory in the Q by plugging-in a micro SD card slot seen on the right side. An Intel Graphics 4400 chip as well as a 4GB RAM chip supplements this that makes you able to have good gaming session on the go. Is there any need to say that such an advanced tablet possess the common features like Bluetooth, camera, wifi, GPRS, 3G, high video resolution and other entertainment options such as music and games?

Operating system:
Samsung ATIV Q supports dual boot without  restart

The Samsung ATIV Q, which is a powerful hybrid device, can run both Android and Windows 8 operating systems with the support of the latest Haswell Core i5 processor. As both are operating in the same Intel Haswell chip, you, without a restart, can switch between two operating systems in one quick motion of a couple of seconds. Besides, just a tap on an icon will make you able to boot into Android Jelly bean and helps you get access to all of your favourite apps from the Google Play Store. The typical feature of alt-tab makes you able to switch between Android and other running windows apps and as a result, Android Jelly bean 4.2.2 is able to act as an app within windows 8. While Android makes Samsung ATIV Q much glamorous, it is the windows 8 that provide the tablet a strong foundation.


How a review will be completed without telling the drawbacks? Its hybrid nature and the skill of changing appearance from tablet to laptop is a significant feature. However, being a pretty big and heavy with a weight of two times higher than an average 10 inch tablet, it is sure that holing it with both your hand will make you extremely tired and you may have to give the support of your body to rest it.

Even though the keyboard keys are pretty big making the typing comfortable, one drawback that is a common problem with all thin ultrabooks is that the travel feels a bit poor and shallow. The keys, which are not backlit, are another minus point, as it can be an annoyance at night. Moreover, you can’t find out a touch pad like the other normal laptops have. So, you have to use the touch screen or the little track point located in the middle of the keys.

The floating mode in which screen is caught half away between the tablet and stand mode may be a unique feature, but Samsung cannot convince what is the advantages of this feature. The other drawbacks are the bit odd placement of two connectivity options such as a mini HDMI ports USB 3.0 on the left side of the stand mechanism behind the screen part because you are not able to use them while the device is in closed tablet mode.


The CPU, which is embedded in the joint beam at the back, while it is usually under the keyboard in other tablets, provides the ATIV Q a stiffness that we cannot find in other lightweight laptops. What makes Samsung ATIV Q different from existing tablet versions is nothing but it can be used as a windows tablet, a Windows 8 laptop and an android tablet at a time, it gives the customers a hope that they will get a perfect solution for the need of working and playing at once. Samsung ATIV Q is an incredible piece of kit with tremendous features and unique design. But they may not be the facts that attract you to this thin, light weight tablets, but, its ability to work in two operative systems at a time.