It happens many times that you are on travel and your phone’s battery is over. In such situation, you wish you had a power bank. Now, if you are thinking to buy a power bank and you are confused to see, there are a lot of power banks available in the market. So keep these important points while buying a power bank –

Power Bank is useful only when you buy with a thought    

1 Capacity of Power Bank

First of all, while buying a power bank, you must see how much its capacity is. Capacity here means the mAh (Milliamp Hours) of power bank. At the same time, you should also ensure that the output voltage of power bank matches with your phone. If the output voltage is less than the charging of the phone than the phone will not be charged. For instance, if your phone has a 1,500 mAh battery, you must buy power bank of 3,000 mAh or above.

2 Quality and safety :

While buying a power bank, never compromise with its quality. Because poor quality power banks can damage your phone too. Good quality power bank determines performance and charge your device in a proper way.

3 USB charging option :

The chief feature of power bank is that it should have many ports for charging. Besides, power bank must be able to charge multiple gadgets. There should be several types of connector ports in the power bank, so that mobile and tablet can also be charged.   

4 LED indicators :

It is also important that power bank must have LED indicator lights. Because it helps in finding that how much battery level is and how much the power bank has been charged. Hence, you should buy power bank with LED indicator lights.

5 Brand :

Whenever you purchase power bank, you must go for established brands. The advantage of this, you will get better battery and charging circuits in the power bank because needless to say, your phone is much more expensive than the power bank. 

6 Safety :

Safety is a major concern – all we know. Many users charge their phones at night while sleeping, In this situation, power bank with low quality battery can blast. Thus, buy power bank with lithium – polymer battery. In fact,  lithium battery is better in terms of safety.   

7 Ampere of power bank :

Keep in mind the ampere count while buying power bank. For instance, if your phone requires 2.1 amps, then you should buy power bank of 2.1 amps or more.