Phablet sale shoots up in 2015

PC market in the country has declined for the first time to 10.6 million units, falling over 10 percent, on account of growing consumer preference for smart phone and tablets . People replacing their PCs are opting for devices like tablets while the first time buyer still opts for a desktop or a notebook.

Interestingly, notebook sales that had been driving growth for the PC segment in India declined 15 percent to 5.8 million units and desktop market fell 4 percent to 4.7 million units in 2014-15.  Smart phone market in 2014-15 grew 33 percent to 69.6 million units.

While, phablets grew 527 percent. In fact, the phablet segment emerged as the second-largest revenue earner for handset market.The sale of tablets has also declined. One major reason for the fall in growth of tablets is that consumer who wanted a tablet already own one and the replacement rates slower than expected.

On the other side, the bigger screen of phablets make it an extremely desirable product as its bridges the gap of a multi-utility device and an entertainment device.