Nokia N8 12 MP Smartphone

Nokia’s N8 is a Symbian Anna OS  Smartphone mobile with an amazing 12 megapixel camera.This camera and its options give us the impact as if it’s very useful for the professionals. If you have this mobile, then instead of a digital camera you can opt this for your travel. It has focal length of 5.9 mm with 2x zoom for pictures and 3x zoom for videos. The xenon flash with Carl Zeiss optics will tells us the quality of the camera in Nokia N8. Professionals in photography can choose their settings and save it for the purpose of better picture every time.


The size of the screen is 3.5 inches and the weight is around 135 gram. The dimension seems to be the best as it can suit any people’s hand. It has a resolution ratio of 16:9 nHD. The maximum resolution of the screen is 640 x 360 pixels. Customers are now opting for this mobile for its features in it. Nokia N8 has a customizable profile in it. You can even customize the home screen. It has three home screen which are can be customized. Widgets, themes, shortcuts and icon with menus are the parameter under the customizing of home screen. The person can change the order or the position of these options which will be reflected in the home screen customization.

Smart Features

The touch screen is of capacitive type. This means that, it will sense the pressure and at the same time, there is no need to stress harder while working. The orientation sensor and proximity sensor gives the users excellent interface with the mobile. The mobile is not at all a simple mobile. It is the tool for a professional as has many applications for them. With the Ovi Mail facility available in Nokia N8, the user can perform the professional work by sitting in front of the mobile. Smart dialing and speed dialing are the features that come under the call management. Nokia N8 has MMS editor with an option to edit the office documents through mobile. This is executed with the help of the performance of the mobile processor and the high speed connectivity. The email application supports the user to easily access the music, videos, documents, spreadsheets and pdf. Hence all the official orientation works can be done with this mobile is a better way.


The GPS and navigator is the electrifying feature in Nokia N8. This software has a free car and pedestrian navigation. The users who love to have a ride, not a planned one, can use this to find the way back to their home. The application of these mobiles is the greatest advantage over the other mobiles. The Ovi Suite from Nokia will help you to get latest available maps at free of cost for Ovi maps in Nokia N8. The software seems to be slower. Apart from the above cons, which are not officially exposed, Nokia N8 is the excellent mobile for mobile lovers.


  1. Powerful 12 mp camera phone in your pocket helps you capture natural pictures at work or leisure.
  2. OVI Map has an effective GPS navigation system which helps you find detailed routes to places.\
  3. Good battery life and less time to recharge the battery
  4. Excellent support for Social Applications like face book,Twitter.
  5. 16 GB built in memory helps store images , 720p HD recording with ease.
  6. 3G Phone with dual camera helps a smooth video calling over the network.


  1. Internet surfing is not enjoyable with built in browser and you may need to install third party browser like opera.
  2. Flash support comes only with built in browser and you will find difficult to run it in opera or other browsers.
  3. Nokia’s OS Belle has failed to get a strong foothold in smart device arena unlike Android or IOS
  4. N8’s occasional auto restart or unresponsiveness is also an area where Symbian Belle fails.