Nokia will get back into mobile phones in 2016

Nokia, once the world’s biggest maker of mobile phones plans to re-enter in the business.In fact, Nokia sold its phone business to Microsoft in April 2014, after years of declining sales. Its Lumia range of smartphones and tablets are now sold under the Microsoft brand. Nokia has announced it wants to start selling mobile phone again under a similar agreement. It is looking for a partner that can be responsible for all of the manufacturing, sales and marketing and also customer support for the product.

However, it has been cleared by the company that a Nokia mobile phone would not reach the market before the fourth quarter of 2016 when Nokia’s agreement with partner Microsoft allows it to use the brand name again. Here, it is remarkable that Nokia had launched the N1 tablet last year with a brand-licensing agreement with Foxconn that made the established chinese OEM responsible for manufacturing, distribution and sales of the tablet. Now, the company is looking at a similar brand-licensing agreement for its smart phone business revival.