Nokia Lumia 1020 mobile seems to be one particular specimen of cell phone that tends to satisfy the expectations of the diehard Nokia Lumia fans and followers all over the world. Now let us ponder over a crucial question- why would you even bother to claim Nokia Lumia 1020 as your own possession? Well, the answer is pretty obvious. This time this gorgeous looking widget is studded with features that can sweep Nokia fans off their feet for sure. According to the verdict of the astute experts of the cell phone industry Nokia Lumia 1020 is considered to be one of the best Windows phone released in the market till date. The megapixel camera (41 megapixel to be precise), Symbian empowered operating system, AMOLED display, mind boggling resolution, touch panels made out of gorilla glass as well as other scintillating as well as lucrative features make this particular Nokia product a sensation in the market. Let’s just make it a point to unfurl all the beauty points and coveted features of this particular set.


Nokia 1020 smartphone display

When it comes to the aspect of design as well as styling pertaining to Nokia Lumia 1020 you do have to admit that the device turns out to be a pretty good stuff that keeps on exciting its fans all over the globe. As we come to talk about the display size we do have some ground to extol or eulogize the device for sure. In terms of display size you would find this particular stuff from Nokia to be quite exciting. Nokia Lumia 1020 is good enough to flaunt AMOLED display facility which happens to be 4.5 inch in length. From the aspect of design Nokia Lumia 1020 does not appear to be an alien one to for sure at least if you happen to be properly acquainted with the other scintillating models of Nokia Lumia. The design as well as shape of Nokia Lumia 1020 looks to be marginally better. To some extent you might be able to spot some sort of similarity with that of Lumia 920 as well as that of Lumia 820. From the aspect of color combinations this particular device does hit the high notes in the market. Nokia Lumia 1020 flaunts trouble free touch screen facilities that surely win their spur in the mobile phone market.


Nokia 1020 Camera Test Image

The multimedia features pertaining to Nokia Lumia 1020 happen to be laurelled openheartedly. It is the Megapixel camera (41megapixel) that happens to be the real forte of this particular device. There is a particular school of thought in the industry that tends to believe that the Megapixel camera (41 megapixel) happens to be the only as well as most prominent forte of Nokia Lumia 1020. The camera module happens to be noticeably large along with a particularly effective Xenon flash system, lens as well as led light.

The resolution of this particular device is effective enough and it would be presented approximately as 1280* 768 megapixels. The resolution part of the device can be easily compared with that of staunch competitors of the mobile phone market such as the famed GTC sets as well as Galaxy S4 etc. the display features and resolution aspects of the mobile phone seem to be quite ergonomic. As it comes to the issue of the measure of the device you would not find anything apt to be complained about. The 0.4 inches thickness as well as 2.8 inches of width happens to look quite OK for those who have an eye for this particular product. In this regard you cannot perhaps ignore the matte finish of the cell phone as well.


Nokia 1020 system features

Nokia Lumia 1020 tends to work on the basis of Microsoft platform. This particular version is actually termed as amber. It has to be specifically noted in this regard that the memory capacity of this particular set happens to be outstanding in the true sense of the term. If you take a deep probe into the memory capacity of the device you will be able to figure it out that the device actually has got a capacity of 32 GB storage capacity inbuilt. Nokia Lumia 1020 is known to work on the basis of IOS as well as ANDROID systems as well. Whenever it comes to the issue of performance as well as precision or accuracy level in the interface of the model Nokia Lumia 1020 does appear to be a pretty immaculate one as a cell phone. In terms of Bluetooth capacity, GPS functions and WIFI perspectives Nokia Lumia 1020 does not seem to be much o a trouble.


Nokia 1020 grip accessory provides extra power and has built in camera tripod slot.

The batter life of Nokia Lumia 1020 happens to be appreciated for being a long lasting one. As it comes to the issue of battery life you must be able to fathom out the fact that the device (Nokia Lumia 1020) is capable to flaunt a strong as well as power packed battery life such as 2000 MAH. The batter5y lie is simply good enough to carry on for at least 19.10 hours at a stretch on the basis of a single charge. This is not all. Nokia Lumia 1020 is also quite capable of providing you with a standby period of time which is as good as 384 hours. If you intend to translate the time frame in shape of days then you are about to find it close to 16 days. The talk time of the device is also supposed to be good enough. You can get a whopping amount of talk time which is close to 13.30 hours. In short the battery support seems quite fine enough and you do not need to worry too much on this particular issue.


Now let us make it a point to take out attention to one of the most interesting aspects that you all would like to hit upon or know about. Yes. We are definitely going to talk about the thorny issues or the crucial drawbacks of this particular set hat we know as Nokia Lumia 1020. Well, just like many other cell phone devices this particular invention from Nokia that has hit the market does not seem to be quite free from drawbacks or slipups. If you make it a pint that you are going to patronize the product then you are about to face a few crucial drawbacks. Let us take a closer look into the detail. When it comes to the issue of drawbacks you must focus on the memory. It is to be noted that Nokia Lumia 1020 does not provide you extendable memory facility. At the same time the ecosystem of the apps might be some sort of a trouble for you too. Last but not the least you might have some pricks at the deep core of your mind regarding the price of the product. The outright $299 might seem to be a little too much for this device which still happens to be shrouded in a mist of criticism in the market.


The slim design of the widget happens to be a top draw about it. You do have to appreciate the notification system that happens to be centralized. The battery life is a strong forte of this set and there is evidently no doubt about it. You can actually bet on the performance level of the batteries. In this regard the efficiency level of the camera mode does need appreciation too. The video specifications are superb. At the same time features such as image stabilization, storage capacities as well as the standard of the processor are worthy of some acclaim.