You Tube Income Seekers now have to generate atleast 10K hits before they get ads from Google

Those who want make money from YouTube have been shocked by Google’s new declaration.At present, there is a trend to make money by making a YouTube channel. In this way, it has become a source of income including creative work by creating a YouTube video.

But now, considering this, the company has made some new conditions. Now, creators will get money only after 10,000 views on post video on the YouTube channel.   

YouTube has made changes in its YouTube Partner Program (YPP), that was launched in the year 2007. Under this, any person can upload his video on YouTube and ads are displayed along with his video. And, YouTube shares its profit to the creator of the video. But now, any video, which has more than 10,000 views, YouTube will share its profit to the creator of the video.     

According to a blog post of YouTube, it will not advertise on YPP video unless it receives 10,000 views. From this new beginning, the company will get enough time to check the validity of the channel.

Moreover, this will also help to confirm that the channels are consistent with YouTube’s guidelines or not. Although, it has been said that after the 10,000 views have passed, the video will also be given a part of their earnings up to 10,000 views.