Lenovo launched new gaming laptops in its Y Series

The leading computer maker Lenovo is adding four gaming devices to its lineup with the ideapad Y900, ideacentre Y900 RE and two curved gaming monitors. Although the Consumer Electronics Show does not kick off until January 6, the company got off to an early start by unveiling its quartet of new Y series options at the start of the week.

The main highlights of the 17-inch ideapad Y900 are its quad core Intel Core i7 K-series processor, NVIDIA GTX G80M graphics, a mechanical backlit keyboard and a multicolour keyboard. In addition, it flaunts a turbo button, which increases performance.

The ideapad Y900 includes also gaming accessories such as Y Mouse, Y Gaming Backpack and Y Headset, which are specifically designed for gamers.The ideapad Y900 17-inch laptop starts will a selling price of US$1,999 and will be available starting in June 2016.

At the same time, the company is turning to accessories manufacturer for a co-branded, ultra-premium ideacentre Y900 Razer Edition desktop

As opposed to a laptop, the desktop form factor offers the benefit of effortlessly upgradable innards; not that its components are muted in comparison to the ideapad.

The ideacentre Y900 RE has a quad core Intel Core i7 K-series processor and two NVIDIA GTX 970 graphics cards to use, while Razer provides a Razer Chroma keyboard and mouse as well as multicolour lighting effects.

A lever installed on the case opens a semi-transparent side panel for the ease of close-up inspection on demand. Accompanying the pair are 2 versions of the Y29g Curved Gaming Monitor, one with Razer Edition branding and the other without. The 27-inch displays are powered by curved FHD VA panels, boasting a refresh rate of 144Hz and a 8ms response time.