One of the leading PC makers in America, Lenovo has recently introduced the pat setting Android run convertible laptop named Lenovo 10. Android is of the best operating systems for our smart phones and windows for the laptops and so people has been using it for years. However, people always like changes and so this time Lenovo has decided to take a step to introduce it one again in its recently launched A 10 convertible laptop with some additional features.

Lenovo A 10 becomes one of the most favourite option for customers nowadays due to its some unique features and advantages like dual-mode platform and easy access to wide range of apps. These characteristics are able to provide an excellent user experience by improving web browsing, adding entertainment and enhancing productivity.

Design and style

Lenovo A10 is an android laptop cum tablet with a weight of just 1 kg

The newly introduced Lenovo A 10 convertible laptop is an affordable, ultra-portable and most importantly dual-mode device. As it is designed keeping in in mind that the users should be able to handle it easily, the device weighs less than 1 kg and has a thickness of just 17.3 mm.

Its other unique features are its dual mode usage and the 300-degress flip functionality. It can be used in both laptop mode and stand mode. The laptop mode provides you maximum productivity when you have to use your keyboard frequently for writing emails or blogs. But, touch applications, web chatting and watching film or video can be done perfectly in stand mode by flipping the screen 300 degree. The 300 degree of rotation gives the users the best theatre experience at home. You can keep the device steady and by preventing it from shaking and bouncing with the stable hinge and “fold-back” design. The laptop mode provides you a customized user interface with features like status bar, launcher and task bar and the desktop facilities ass switching and smooth multitasking.


Lenovo A10 has a 10.1 inch display area

The Lenovo A 10 comes with a 10.1 inch HD display of 1366x 768 resolution screen, which can be flipped around 300 degrees in stand mode. The hinge helps the screen not be moved when touched.


Even though Lenovo A10 is not a dual-booting Android/Windows laptop/tablet, this Android tablet comes with a permanently attached full-size ergonomic AccuType keyboard and touchpad. The full QWERTY keyboard possesses more than a handful of Android function keys used for various purposes such as volume control, brightness, search, shortcuts, screenshots and more in addition of the standard set of keys. The intuitive and easy-to-use touchpad makes the various features like scrolling, zooming and rotate functions easier.

Connectivity options

Lenovo A 10 convertible laptop has several other specs such as a pair of USB 2.0 ports, microUSB, microphone, headphone jack, stereo speakers, Bluetooth, WiFi and HDMI. The notebook also possesses a SIM card slot. With Bluetooth, WiFi and EDR connectivity, the users can easily get connected to online or connect other devices wirelessly. The USB port and combo audio jack are positioned on the left side of the device, while another USB port, microHDMI port and microUSB port are located on the right.


Lenovo A 10 is shipped with an integrated 0.3 megapixel webcam that allows the users to enjoy video calls and video conference. The file manager software, which is loaded with the device, makes the users able to locate and manage a library of documents, video and music easily.

Stereo speakers

You can see the microphone on right side of the Lenovo A 10 and stereo speakers at the bottom to deliver rich stereo sound to the users.

Operating system

Lenovo A 10 has been designed to deliver the best operating system, the latest version of Android 4.2 Jelly bean that ensures high performance and achieve extraordinary standards of excellence in faster execution of applications and productivity. With this operating system, you can easily locate and manage a library of documents, music and video.


Lenovo A10 is powered by quad-core Cortex-A9 processor along with 2 GB RAM supported by a maximum frequency of 1.6 GHz. The Cortex-A9 processor ensures high level or performance and meets even graphic intensive requirements of the user for entertaining and gaming purposes. It can provide exhilarating experience while playing games and browsing internet. Moreover, the CPU will also help the users to become multitasking and to be productive. These features of Lenovo A 10 makes it enough for surfing on the internet or watching movies with some of your documentation work smoothly without much interruption and certainly on a big screen.


The storage configuration of the new Lenovo A 10 is similar to any other type of Android device. Users get 1 GB or 2 GB RAM coupled with 16 GB or 32 GB internal storage when using this ultrabook. It also possesses a microSD card for additional storage that can extend the storage capacity up to 64 GB.


One of the most important aspects of a tablet cum laptop is its battery life. As it is quite similar to that of a smartphone, the battery must be a matter of worry for users. However, Lenovo promises that the A 10 has a considerably good battery backup that can last up to nine hours even if you play video for those 9 hours. It is really a good point that deserves appreciation.The availability and pricing of Lenovo A 10 varies according to the region. It is soon going to be available in major business destinations like Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific countries.

The recent explosive growth of Android-based smart connected devices forces the customers to rely more on Android apps for both play and work. Lenovo A 10 convertible laptop that features ultra-portability and dual-mode facility and is available at affordable rate avoids the need of switching and duplicating to use the laptop of customers. Lenovo A 10 becomes the favourite choice of laptop users due to its thin and light design, multiple modes and user-inspired innovations for an excellent user experience.