Japanese washable phone 'Digno rafre' by KDDI

If you are fed-up with the ugly finger imprints , dust and smudges on your smartphone you may wish your smart phone could be washed with soap and water.A Japanese firm ‘KDDI Corp’ has launched such kind of phone called Digno rafre catering to this scenario.The company targets hygiene conscious parents who want to keep their small kids smartphones clean & bacteria free .The formal launching of the ¥21,600 ($175) priced smartphone in Japan which is claimed to withstand a soapy bath will be done next week.

However the smartphone , which will currently be available only in Japan , can tolerate only selected types of soaps

Although not a new concept Waterproof smartphones have been around since couple of years but there has not any device which can be washed with soap and water.In a durability test the smartphone was washed 700 times by the company’s development team.