“An Android laptop !” , It may not be a new term for you as you have seen many android laptops running around the market. But, HP puts its second step into the tablet-laptop hybrid market with the launch of SlateBokx2 hybrid tablet this year not just to add another piece into the series of android laptops. Yes, HP Slatebookx2 that comes with premium quality and with a high-end processor beneath it is an android powered budget laptop.

Design and styling


HP SlateBook x2 hybrid tablet, which weighs a mere 1.32 pounds while most of the laptops are weighing more than 3 pounds, makes users easy to carry. Besides the extreme finishing of the device and the low weight, this 10.1 inch device seems to be quite amazing with its black colored body. It can use as a mini laptop on the move and can also shift to a single slab mode with just a click of a latch.

The full HD crystal clear display of HP SlateBook x2 tablet is large enough to deliver a great screen resolution of 1920x 1200 pixels. You can see the very crisp and accurate texts as well as images along with impressive colors with this hybrid tablet. Its sharp, responsive and great angles ensure that you can see a decent picture with friends on this high-resolution display. The crisp lines, precision color and sharp images provided by the Full HD display can reduce glare. In short, the dazzling display is vibrant in any environment.

As for the magnetic dock, HP SlateBookx2 hybrid tablet provides a full-island –style QWERTY keyboard. The detachable keyboard dock can make the device a hybrid of tablet cum laptop. The versatile 2-in-1 design of the tablet possesses a magnetic hinge that can make docking and undocking work easy to transit the device from tablet to notebook. The keyboard is attached to the main unit with magnets. On the sides of keyboard unit, there are one USB 2.0 port, a microphone/headphone combo jack and an HDMI port and HP’s Image pad supporting multi-touch gestures. The weight of the HP SlateBook x2 hybrid tablet, with the dock attached to it, is around 2.22 pounds.

Multimedia features

HP slatebokx2 hybrid tablet include a front-facing HP true television HD webcam

The multimedia features of HP slatebokx2 hybrid tablet include a front-facing HP true television HD webcam, a full front-and rear facing HD camera mounted on the back and an integrated digital microphone and more. It also possesses surprisingly loud and clear speakers along with the screen. As the speakers can fill the airwaves at a good level, they will not disturb at high volumes either. HP SlateBook x2 hybrid tablet makes you able to enjoy a faster and more impressive mobile computing experience. You can bring your games to life with this device. Superior graphics for smooth gaming, buttery smooth video playback, advanced camera features and fast web browsing with lighting speed are the other specialities of HP SlateBook x2 hybrid tablet.

In terms of performance, HP SlateBook x2 outstands. A 2GB RAM provided by this hybrid device makes its use a butter smooth experience to the people. But, you may be quite depressed, when you know that HP slateBookx2 is packed with a just mere 16 GB storage capacity. We have to take into consideration the fact that it is a convertible laptop. However, it is quite natural that people expect a little higher storage capacity than 16 GB from an HP laptop.

SD card slot
Even though we cannot expand the internal storage capacity, this hybrid tablet provides the facility of a storage expandability option that is a micro SD card slot. The base unit of the tablet with which the keyboard is attached contains a full-size SD slot that can augment to micro SD slot in the base. A multi-format SD card reader can be used here for additional fire storage. This hybrid device of HP has a single-band wireless N connectivity and it ships with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support.

Operating system

HP SlateBook x2 hybrid tablet runs android which is a great tablet and mobile platform. But what makes it special is that it is the first laptop with a Quadra-core NVIDIA Tegra 4-powered processor. As it is running speedy android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, even though HP includes its own file browser, media player apps, gallery as well as printer software, they can be easily replaced with alternatives available from Google Play Store. Another nice addition to this SlateBook is that you can find Kingsoft Office is pre-installed on it. This feature lets you access, edit and share files in the cloud. So, you can enjoy the freedom of working with familiar documents and tools virtually from anywhere. The android 4.2.2 Jelly bean, which is a relatively stock version of Android in HP SlateBook x2 hybrid tablet, makes users enjoy access to an ever-expanding world of movies, music, apps and more on this detachable device.

Battery Life

Battery Life of HP X2 hybrid tablet

Battery is another important element that we have to discuss in a laptop or tablet review. HP SLateBook x2 hybrid tablet possesses two batteries, one in its screen and the other in its base. The device draws charge from its base first and then move onto the screen. When the screen and base unit are attached, it cleverly charges its screen from the base. The pretty impressive battery of SlateBook x2 screen can provide up to 8 hours of undisturbed performance. The secondary battery that is located beneath the device’s keyboard dock can also provide an additional 8 hours. In short this hybrid tablet has a solid battery life that will offer a combined 16 hours of usage and can easily make you able to do a full day’s work.


All the above mentioned features of HP SlateBook x2 hybrid Tablet can be considered as its advantages. The stunning touchscreen with high resolution, surprisingly loud and clear speakers, the fastness provided by NVIDIA’s nippy Tegra a mobile processor, the countless gorgeous games and other apps, dual battery system that ensures 16 hours performance and a microSD card to expand the storage capacity makes this hybrid device the most apt innovation for the new generation.


It is essential that you should also know the limitations of a product before you purchase it. Even though the tablet portion of HP SlateaBookx2 is top-notch, the lower keyboard half is not up to the same standard. As USB and HDMI ports, extra battery and SD card reader are provided by the keyboard part, it is not entirely comfortable to type on either. The trackpad, which is inaccurate and mushy to touch, is also annoying. The small size of keyboard makes gestures a pain to perform, even though it is multitouch enabled. But, it is not a big issue as it provides touch screen facility. The two batteries in both the tablet and the keyboard parts make this device a little heavy to lift. Still, you can manage it in your bag and on your shoulders too.

Final Take

Are you looking for the price and availability of HP SlateBookx2 hybrid tablet? If yes, you have to be a little more patient as with the available information, you can expect this device in market by August 2013. And about the price, let’s hope that HP will provide this new device with lower price range.