There are situations where we need to make an urgent call and network is absent.A weak signal does not even allow us to connect to other phones.In these circumstances you can apply the tricks below to make things better.

1 Downgrade network mode from 3G to 2G

Switching your phone to 2G network will gain better signal strength

If you are experiencing weaker signal in an area you can try switching your phone (not only smartphone !) from 3G to 2G network.Although 2G’s speed is not sufficient enough for lag free surfing but at least you can make a call or send an short messages.As 2G network is send across a lower frequency band and it has a better coverage area it is more likely you will get better call quality on 2G.

2 Remove Cover/Case of your phone

You can get a better signal by removing your cell phone case before making a call

There are reports where people have claimed getting better network signals after removing rubber case/cover of their cell phones.It is possible that the protective case of smartphone may be weakening your signals.

3 Drop your phone in a glass Tumbler

For any kind of phone ,within a glass tumbler , there is better signal in weak reception scenarios

Place your cell phone in a glass tumbler sounds weird but it does help is getting better signals .It is thought to be an out of the box clever method that has been found effective.The signals trapped in glass tumbler will converge to your phone after reflecting from glass surfaces thereby improving the signals.

4 Opening Windows/Doors

Doors and Windows hinder the reception quality to your cell phones

While Signal strength does gets affected by the material type (wood/metal) used in doors and windows.Opening the doors and windows have been found to boost the signal of your mobile as they decrease the power of signals.

5 Change Phone’s Orientation

How you hold your phone while talking also matters

From IPhone 4 reception issues ( putting hand on steel band drops signals) it has been proved that the way we hold a phone in our hand does affect the signal strength.If you grip your phone tightly across the area where the antenna is located the phone’s ability to send and receive signal gets affected.

6 Signal Amplifying Devices

Mobile signal reception enhancing devices have also proved to be a good solution for poor signal problems

Setting up mobile signal amplifying devices is a long term solution for recurrent weak signal reception problem.The thickness of concrete walls and obstructing materials weaken the signals.

Now there is a device that looks like WIFI router called Mobile Signal Booster Amplifier which you can find on e-commerce sites.What they do is that they uniformly distribute signals across your house/office  improving the reception.