Google nexus 7 tablet is officially out in the market and as the rave presumptions as well as industry wise speculations go this particular innovation from the storehouse of Google does have some aura about it to create enough stir in the tablet market all over the globe. The astute experts of the mobile and tablet market has a feeling that Google has been significantly late in terms of showing up their interest in developing some ravishing widgets in shape of tablets (as it is presumed to be an era of tablets as well as smart phones). However with the ambitious launch of Google nexus 7 tablet in the year 2012 the search engine giant seems to have successfully compensated the drawback.

The launch of this high octane gadget is considered to be an epoch making initiative in the global Smartphone arena as it brings Google, the search engine giant as well as Asus, the Taiwan based manufacturing company on the same platform. If you would like to think from the aspect of market share then you are going to dig it out that Google has literally made it possible to tighten its grip over a significant amount of smart phone market all over the globe. According to the astute experts of the mobile and tablet market, it is the perfect compilation of a comparatively lower price range and best of the breed technology that has helped this Google product win this enviable market share.


Google Nexus Tablets Display

Design wise Google nexus 7 tablet is definitely going to look to be a different ballgame. The design of this particularly next generation tablet sequel happens to appear as uncomplicated as well as chaste. The 7 inch thin IPS LCD touch screen does make a grade. At the same the aspect of Google nexus 7 tablet being back lit has to mentioned as well as appreciated as well. The capacitive touch screen of Google nexus 7 tablet is surely going to make you feel gaga about it. The capacitive touch screen functionalities of this gadget are surely going to make you feel great as long as you keep using it. The design of this brand new Android version is quite compact.

The device comes with significant resolutions which are as good as 1920*1200 pixels. It has to be noted in this regard that Google nexus 7 tablet is quite lighter as well as thinner compared to the earlier versions. The device is noticeable in terms of color combinations as well. It does flaunt colors that fall into the category of 16M. Google nexus 7 tablet is quite handy for you to handle because the weight of this widget is merely 290 G in total.


Google Nexus 7 Tablet Multimedia

As it comes to the issue of multimedia features this particular Nexus device has got some crucial facets to flaunt. It is indeed a noticeable gadget in this regard as it has got 5 megapixel as well as rear facing camera. The gadget does have the capacity of video recording (1080 p as well as 720 p). It has also got front facing camera (1.2 megapixels). The video resolution aspects also look OK. It has got adreno 320 graphics core. Therefore you are not going to face too much of a trouble as you intend to unleash your leisure seeking activities in the effort of playing some games as well as listening to music. It has got stereo speakers (built in). So you are not going to face any problem if you intend to listen to music in any particular range or volume.


Google Nexus 7 Tablet System

Now let us make it a point to take some other technicalities that specifically relate to or coagulate with the internal systems of Google nexus 7 tablet. The systems of this particularly amazing device work on the basis of Qualcomm Snapdragon. It is indeed a noticeable aspect of the widget. At the same time it is to be mentioned in this regard that the tablet has got an impressive processor with 1.5 GHZ capacity to call its own. Connectivity wise this particular set looks quite fine as well as quite well functional. I

n connection with the systems of Google nexus 7 tablet you should also keep it in mind that the device is going to get you entitled with the best possible update support in the industry. It has got WI FI 802.11 dual band capacity of connectivity which seems to be good enough in terms of serving your purpose. The storage capacity of the device is also seemingly good enough. It has got 32 GB internal as well as 16 GB storage capacity to offer you. At the same time it has got v4 .0LE Bluetooth capacity. The GPRS aspects also look OK with this gadget.


Google Nexus 7 Battery Life

The battery life of the device seems to be OK or good enough. It runs on the power or prowess of MAH battery (with the capacity of 3950 MAH). It is to be noted in this regard that the widget does have wireless charging facility. So, charging is no problem at all. The jacks that you get along with the set seem to be pretty useful.


Now let us make it a point to have a little bit of discussion about the drawbacks or the disadvantages of the set. When it comes to the issue of drawbacks or the disadvantages of the set you can say that the stereo speakers are a bit uncomfortably positioned. At the same time if you take your glance at the hardware functionalities you might be able to spot some noticeable compromises in that particular segment. The memory of this device cannot be extended. The backup facility for video codec also appears to be a little inadequate.


Finally, let us recapitulate the top draw or the advantageous aspects of this particular device once again. There are in fact a number of facets that can be referred to in this connection. Construction wise the widget is good enough. It has actually got a solid built. The functionalities of the micro USB ports happen to be a forte with the handset. The storage capacity is to be appreciated too. However as it comes to the issue of the OS version then in this particular segment this particular joint venture of Google as well as Asus does win its plaudits. The auto focus aspects of the device also seem to be OK.

The operating system too is going to satisfy you for sure. It is expected that all the drawbacks which are presently there is this particular set would not be visible in the upcoming models. If you would like to get to the bottom line of the discussion then it can be safely wagered that Google nexus 7 tablet appears to have hit the international market with an array of advantages as well as some disadvantages as well. If you can make it a point that you are going to ignore the drawbacks or the fallible points that it has got then the Google nexus 7 tablet can still be a good purchase for you. So you can still consider it to be a bit of nice-looking proposition that comes to you with a little bit of an expense.