IPhone Update

The outbreak of a malware has forced Apple to introduce ‘Important Security Update’ and if you have not yet updated your IPhone , it’s the time to do it.

The malware can read your SMS , Email and spy on your call Records including WhatsApp and Viber Calls.The new malware is said to enable your Geo Location , camera and auto activate your microphone for remote listening.That’s the reason why you might have received ‘Important Security Update’ from Apple.

If this IPhone malware has infected your device , the hacker , will gain an absolute control on your phone.A mobile security firm ‘Look Out’ has disclosed information’s about this malware.

The secure IOS 9 platform security can be breached by this malware.Accoding to University of Toronto Citizen Lab ,Trident – the malware , is a spyware product which has been coded by an Israel based Cyber War group called N.S.O.

To Update your IPhone to  IOS 9.3.5 you require to go to your phones Settings->General->About->Version and update for the newer version.