Dell apologizes for shipping laptops with security hole

The leading US computer company Dell Inc has said that a security hole exists in some of its recently shipped laptops. So it is very easy for hackers to access users’ private data.

The company has said in a statement to Reuters, “the recent situation raised is related to an on-the-box support certificate intended to provide a better, faster and easier customer support experience, unfortunately, the certificate introduced an unintended security vulnerability". However, the company has not confirmed that how many computers or which specific models are affected. At the same time, Dell also said future systems would not contain the bug.   

The company further said that it would provide customers with instructions to permanently remove the certificate by email and on its support website, a process that will likely be highly technical.

Dell has also issued a document (.docx) instructing everyone how to completely remove the certificate in issue from the affected system, and added it will issue a software update that will automatically check for the certificate and kill it. Nevertheless, for those who do not know about it, the company has been shipping out laptops which were discovered to have a serious security problem on them.