A new wonder has just joined the elite as well as the most ensemble gathering of feature studded and functional tablet devices in shape of the Datawind UbiSlate 7CZ budget tablet. Yes, the most anticipated Datawind UbiSlate 7CZ budget tablet has finally arrived in the market. There is no denying that soon after the feature studded device has hit the market it seems to have turned out to be some sort of an eye ball grabber for those people who have got a fetish for stylized as well as highly modernized tablets. This device features with a set of brand new fancy as well as mint fresh technologies which definitely make the tablet lovers go gaga in rhapsodic raptures.

If you make it a point to delve deep into the high end features as well as the most noticeable functionalities then you are sure to get a lot of interesting features and aspects to your taste. For example you would definitely like to take the mint fresh capacitive multitasking display into consideration. The full HD video playback is to be noticed without fail.It has to be admitted in this regard that the extended or augmented battery life (which appears to be pretty long) along with the whopping back up of 3200 mAh battery pack facility is a top draw of this amazing widget.

There is another interesting point to uncover in this regard. The widget also entitles us with the facility of calling. So, are you interested in the device? If you are then let’s have a good look or rather a sneak peak view of the most interesting aspects or features that pertain to this latest innovation that comes in shape of Datawind’s7C. Let us come up with the best aspects of the product and try to dig out why it has hit the charts.


UbiSlate 7CZ Design

As the discussion tends to border around the crucial aspect of design and styling (which seems to draw the attention of the mass rightfully) you should know that there are in fact a great many things to behold as well as discuss about the Datawind UbiSlate 7CZ budget tablet. The budget tablet has got the same as well as regular 7-inch display size which puts it into a comparison with its closest competitors. The device is evidently draped up in black but it does flaunt a fine as well as substantial look. </p>

<p>In terms of color combinations it does make an impact. This widget has no buttons on its front. However it has to be noted that the tablet comes with a particular earpiece and its front camera which gives the design of this tablet a somewhat superior as well as precise appeal. The rear panel of the UbiSlate 7CZ is noticed to have a rubberized as well as a sporty texture. If you think in terms of the advantage of the texture then you will find that it gives you a comfortable grip .There is also a single speaker grill and a reset button with it. The rear panels appear to sport a somewhat disgusting look because of the large brand names and stickers. The 7CZ budget tablet comes up with all the useful and necessary buttons and interfaces such as the micro USB interface, a charging jack, volume key, earphone jack and a lot more. There is also a micro SD slot and GSM SIM slots placed underneath the rubber flap. The measurements of the 7C+ are as follows 190 x 150 x 13 mm and weighs about 350 grams.


Ubislate 7CZ Tablet Multimedia Features

The device comes up with 512MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal storage which can be expanded to 32 GB by the use of micro SD card slot. The total 4GB of storage happens to be an integral part of the system. However it should be unfurled in this regard that only 1.4GB of storage as well as user data is available for the user. The display is presumed to be a 7-inch multi touch capacitive panel making room for a resolution which is as whopping as 800 x 480 pixels. There is only a front camera which is a VGA one. The tablet is known to run by means of Android ICS Operating System. As it comes to fun filled features as music as well as games the die-hard tablet lovers are bit going to be that gaga about it.


Ubislate 7CZ System Specs

The system of this budget tablet comes up with the following specifications. The UbiSlate 7C features a cortex A8 processor which keeps on running at 1 gHz supported by a Mali- 400 GPU. Then the processor is deemed to have been over clocked by 200 MHZ which offers a total output of 1.2GHZ processor. It comes with 512 MB of RAM. Tablet lovers are surely going to have thing for this particular widget.

This gadget offers you a powerful platform in shape of a single SIM GSM tablet that helps you a lot in vital tasks such as calling as well as the seamless or completely hassle free usage of internet via GPRS as well as with the help of a built in WIFI system. IT has a single GSM SIM Slot for connectivity and also for the purpose of calling. The system seems to run by virtue of the latest version of Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity. The touch panel appears to be slightly over sensitive. In terms of memory capacity the feature stuffed widget does seem to be OK. It is pretty important to note in this regard that the widget flaunts a micro USB PC interface. The sluggish interface is very knotty or challenging and causes problem for the users.


The battery life happens to be a strong forte with The Datawind UbiSlate 7CZ budget tablet. The 7C is powered with 3200 MAH battery pack. It is thought to be best made for the students. The 7C can be performed over a period of 4 hrs if using at a minimum configuration. It is treated to be capable of lasting for 3 hrs and 45 minutes. This battery life of this device is evidently good enough in terms of offering a great deal of satisfaction as well as joy to the users who are going to use it.


Now let us make it a point to swerve the direction of this discussion to the drawbacks or the slips which are supposed to be there in the widget. The ram capacity is not sufficient. It has also to be noted that the sound quality appears to be insufficient too. You must not forget the resolution of the screen. It is not up to the mark.


When it comes to the feature studded phenomenon how can we forget to throw ample light upon the advantageous aspects of this particular device? When it comes to the issue of advantages existing in this particular set then you have got to talk about the lack of lags in the device. It is surely a big incentive. At the same time the internal storage capacity seems to be a noticeable feature and a great advantage to gain in the device.


In order to wrap up the entire discussion and offer a final verdict on this particular product it can perhaps be safely wagered that you can consider purchasing the product provided you are looking for a tablet that you can use with a significant level of comfort. It is presumed that the tablet is going to be a convenient one for the students considering its present market price as well as its functionalities. It is expected that the subsidized price rate is definitely going to attract certain segments.