Mobile phone maker Datawind which is famous for low-cost mobile, is going to open two more manufacturing units in the country within next six months to meet its local requirements. The reason behind it, the company has stopped importing finished products from China. According to the company, it is planning to set up one unit in East and another in south part of the country for immediate supplies in the region. Presently, Datawind has an assembly unit in Amritsar and a manufacturing facility for touch panels.

Datawind has already introduced low-budget Aakash tablet in the country.

So far net neutrality scheme is concerned, the company has partnered Reliance Communications to offer twelve months free access to websites through its UbiSurfer browser.

Datawind President and CEO has defended the scheme saying that it is perfectly net neutral as it does not discriminate among websites. He said the company under scheme has shipped more than one lakh Internet-enabled tablets and smartphones from its Amritsar facility that was opened last month.