Powertrekk water mobile charger

Need to charge your mobile phone ? , head over towards a water source ! Anders Lundblad, a researcher and a company he owns MyFC , has developed a cell phone charger that is powered by water.The device works on micro fuel cell technology and small flat Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells.It is just water, air and a fuel puck that is required to drive MyFC PowerTrekk charger. Even more , you can use water from any source or even an unclean water will do the job.There is just a spoon full of water is all it takes for the device to charge your phone.The eco-friendly device has an importance where there is scarcity of electricity like remote places , desert , jungles.The mobile charger is both a fuel cell and a portable battery, providing a direct power source as well as a storage buffer for the fuel.

The mobile charger can generate electricity using clean or salt water as claimed by Anders Lundblad , a former researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology KTH Royal Institute of Technology.The charger can charge devices like smartphones, digital cameras or ipods. The company aims to make it work for larger devices like laptops.

Steps To Use The Device

MyFC PowerTrekk charger needs just water to charge phones

      Fill the water compartment of the PowerTrekk charger with one tablespoon of water and close the Lid Step
      Now connect an electronic device to the charger with a USB cable Step
      The charger arithmetically charges the device, as the water inside reacts with a small disposable metal disc causing hydrogen gas to be released. The gas combines with oxygen to convert chemical energy into electrical energy.

It is to note that unlike solar chargers , fuel cell chargers are faster and more reliable so MyFC Charger definately has some potential in the market.The company is soon planning to sell it online , so better keep a watch !