Asus Transformer Book TX300 convertible notebook is appreciated as the most convertible as well as the thinnest notebook in the world. One of the best aspects about this phenomenal product is that it saves from the trouble of getting entangled between the tussle whether you would go for a notebook or a tablet. Asus Transformer Book TX300 convertible notebook is an amazing convertible notebook in the market. The high octane features of the notebook are highly or rather profusely extolled and it genuinely seems that the features do pay enriched attribute to the status that Asus Transformer Book TX300 convertible notebook enjoys in international market. There is no denying that the gadget turns out to be a perfect showstopper. Each and every feature seems to be so streamlined. Let’s get to know it intently.

Features/ Design

Transformer Book TX300 Windows 8 convertible laptop Design

When it comes to the issue of features then there is a pretty lengthy inventory to take into consideration. The aspect of the transformer pad has to be taken into consideration in this regard. At the same time the display features as well as the black bezel of the hybrid widget has to be laurelled profusely. The black bezel looks perfectly as well as most fashionably complemented having been adorned with the camera (2 megapixels) on it. The back panel (made out of metal) also happens to be a sight for the sore eyes for sure. The specifications are indeed great in terms of catching up with the rapt attention level and interest of those who are in love with such devices.

The design happens to be a top draw among the host of amazing features that Asus Transformer Book TX300 convertible notebook flaunts. The design has the hybrid touch in it. If you take a close look at the awesome gadget then you are probably going to have the feel that the widget is a compilation of a tablet as well as laptop. The sleekness of the product has to be appreciated. The high octane aluminum surface of Asus Transformer Book TX300 convertible notebook draws attention unmistakably. The IPS panel as well as the aspect of color intensity does call attention. Now talking about the most scintillating features one cannot forget about the 17 processor that happens to be a forte with the product. The powerful processor helps the widget to offer a perfect compilation of notebook as well as tablet performance.


Transformer Book TX300 Keyboard and Slots

As Asus Transformer Book TX300 convertible notebook hits the market the aspirations pertaining to the performance level of the notebook is at peak. Industry experts are pinning high hopes on it. According to their presumptions the notebook is going to render sustainable, integrated, aesthetic as well as intuitive performance at a stretch. In terms of sound quality, the standard of the touchpad or the keyboards, EQ control features, viewing on the big screen, mobile dock, power supply related issues, speed of the data transfer process, quality of the core processors, micro HDMI, hard drives, SD card reading facilities as well as other vital aspects this particular notebook is going to be the complete delight or a notebook lover. It can perhaps been safely wagered that Asus Transformer Book TX300 convertible notebook has been engineered to take its rightful share in the notebook market. It looks to be almost an unbeatable one in terms of popularity aspects.


Transformer Book TX300 notebook cum tablet

As we come to talk about Asus Transformer Book TX300 convertible notebook we definitely need to drool over intently on the advantages parts which are closely related with it. Here is a probe in this aspect. In the first place you must consider the aspect of portability whenever it comes to the issue of Asus Transformer Book TX300 convertible notebook. The portability aspect of the notebook happens to be a chief forte as well as top draw with this amazing as well as eyeball grabbing device. At the same time it has to be borne in mind that the device happens to be a multi touch one and you are going to get entitled with the leverage of performing your task in a completely easier as well as revamped manner. The device, having been flawlessly studded with multi tasking facilities as well as streamlined apps (empowered by windows 8) does make it possible for you sweep away even the hardest of tasks in a completely less time consuming manner. It is perhaps not going to be an exaggeration to make a statement that Asus Transformer Book TX300 convertible notebook is indeed designed keeping the requirements and cravings of the users of this era. Asus Transformer Book TX300 convertible notebook comes with unbelievable storage facilities.


In this connection it is also going to appropriate to through some light upon disadvantages or drawbacks as well. Yes, there are couples of drawbacks in this particular set. Though the fact is that the drawbacks of the disadvantages do not sound or look like they are going to have any sort of harsh impact on the mindset of people who have the hots for this particular device. Now when you tend to veer the course of the discussion to the weak points or the drawbacks of the device then you need to ponder over the weight of the widget in the first place. It has to be admitted that the notebook happens to be a little too heavy for a notebook which is merely 13 inch in size. At the same time, there is another vital area pertaining to the notebook that needs detailed inspection. It has been figured that the web cam of the notebook might fall from grace compared to the competitor. If these minor drawbacks or weak points are rectified the device is good to go for a long span of time for sure. The minor drawbacks can be overlooked as well as perfected in time. As of now it can be said that Asus Transformer Book TX300 convertible notebook is a killer stuff. It is a striking one and definitely bears the mark of ASUS. It is almost like perfection redefined.