If you have an Android smartphone then you can customize it accordingly. But it can not be denied that there are many problems in the Android smartphone. Know about these problems in the Android smartphone and how to solve them.

Android phones blues ! These are generic solutions

1 User Interface

Android smartphone slows down often when the internal storage is full. You can delete those apps that you do not use. In addition, you can move your phone’s data like photos, music and videos to the MicroSD card.

Delete the cache data of the app and solve this problem. For this, go to Settings > Storage and delete the cache data. It clears the cache data in the app. To do this work, C-cleaner apps are also available on the Play Store.

2 Unresponsive Screen

Many times it happens that Android smartphone’s screen does not give any response. In such situation, you need not worry. You can easily overcome this problem by restarting your smartphone. For this, turn off the smartphone by pressing the power button and after a few minutes turn the smartphone on again.

3 Battery Drain

Users often face the problem of low battery in their device. By changing the location and brightness settings, you can solve this problem. For this, go to the settings of the smartphone and click on location and enable battery saving mode.

At the same time, you can remove auto – brightness and adjust it according to your requirement. Moreover, several smartphones come equipped with extra battery saving mode.

4 App Crashes

Apps in the Android smartphones sometimes crash. It happens on account of new updates. So if the app is not updated, then update it. However, if there is an app update, one solution is to force close the app and remove it from multitasking and open the app again.

5 Google Play Store Keepa Crashing

Many times users also face a problem when the Google Play Store does not work or crashes. For this, go to Settings > Applications > All Apps > Google Play Store > Storage and select on Clear Cache. Restart the smartphone and the problem will be solved.