Guess what the most anticipated new Acer C720 chrome book has hit the market. Acer has always been in touch with the Chrome book world and their new C720 chrome book has already hit the charts and is now looking to outperform to the rest of the pack. The usage of an Intel Celeron with Haswell technology in the Acer C720 chrome book has made the device unanimously the fastest chrome book model ever tested with the exception of 1200$ pixel by Google. Acer has been able to use the Haswell Celeron while keeping the price of the C720’s at $249.99 which is also a good value for money. Don’t you think so? The entity is thereby making the Acer C720 Chrome Book one of the most unbeatable Chrome book in the market and is posing to be a big challenge to its closest competitors comparing to other ARM and ATOM series. The Acer C720 Chrome book is empowered with all the useful applications needed for all kinds of purposes. The fascinating features, stylizing aspects, the crucial parameter of performance as well as the rave advantages which you are supposed to get from this particularly ravishing piece of contraption do make the widget to be a phenomenon in the world of chrome books and therefore it is pretty natural that the contraption is going to heave up some noticeable amount of oscillation in the market.


A Typical ChromeBook OS Based Laptop Display

As this discussion tends to flow around the main aspects of the design and styling you should be able to have the impression that you are actually going to touch base with some of the most interesting as well as entertaining parts of the gadget. There are a lot of things to be discussed about the new Acer C720 Chrome book. The chrome book sports an Intel Haswell generation Celeron 2955U dual core, 1.4GHz CPU and 4 gigs of DDR3 RAM making it the most powerful Chrome book of 2013. This $249 Chrome book C720 has a resolution of 1366 x 768and its display is of 11.6" matte TN display with 16 gigs of flash storage, dual band WiFi, Bluetooth, two USB ports, HDMI and an SD card slot. The C720 is running on Google Chrome OS and it weighs 2.76 pounds. The C720 is strikingly very mundane and downright boring to its nearest competitor the HP Chrome book 11. The dark-gray matte plastic is everywhere. It only comes in one color which is gray. The HP Chrome book brings many memories of the plastic MAC book. The looks of the C720 chrome book looks like any other small laptop. It may not be as fashionable as the Chrome book 11 but still the Acer C720 chrome book is one of the best in its congregation as well as class.


Acer C720 Laptop using google operating system - ChromeBook

The performance of the Acer C720 Chrome book is expectedly better and is still the fastest and the most responsive Chrome book ever tested. It is not that the Acer is the only one to fit that performance into that chassis as HP nor the Samsung has been able to fit that kind of performance into that chassis. But Acer actually pulled it off by presenting its newest C720 chrome book, by doing a quite remarkable job. Also the C720’s new Intel Celeron processor and the 4 GB of RAM get the job done quietly and efficiently. The C720 ditches its earlier model C7‘s antiquated 320 GB hard drive for a proper 16 GB SSD that powers the chrome book much faster and responsive than the C7. The fan of the C720 has also been replaced than the C7 which used to make a lot of noise for doing intensive tasks. By this time we know about the power of the new Acer C720 Chrome book, but there are still a lot of questions needed to be answered. Among them is the battery life of the new C720. The C720 has a very powerful battery which can give the user of more than 8.5 hours. But the C720 cannot be charged with the USB like the HP, but Google and Acer itself claims that the C720 can be completely charged within a remarkable time of 1 hour and 35 minutes.


Acer C720 Chromebook Laptop is powered by haswell  processor.

Now when it comes to the advantages part of the Acer C720 Chrome book, how can we forget to throw ample light upon this particular device. The soft and delicate keyboard of the C720 helps the user to do a good speed for typing. The device is very cheap than the rest of its competitors and comes in 249.99$ (In India it is around Rs 26,990 which makes it a cheaper but a good featured laptop), which is also a good value for money. The C720 is much faster than the other as it uses the 16GB SSD to power the device and with its 4GB of RAM, which makes the device unstoppable. The track pad of this chrome book is very responsive but smaller in size than the others. The excellent battery life of the Acer C720 Chrome book is another advantage of this device as it can run longer (up to 9 hours) of normal usage and also the capability to recharge within 3 hours if drained fully is another advantage which just makes the users say ‘Simply WOW’. It also carries the traditional laptops ports such as the HDMI, SD card Slot and the 2.0 and the3.0 USB ports which are all missing from the other laptops.


So now let us move towards the direction of the disadvantages or the slips which are supposed to be there in the gadget. The C720 is not very gorgeous than its earlier version the C7 and looks the same as the other normal chrome books present in the market. The device does not have Micro based USB charging facility. The entire body is made out of plastic and the track pad is smaller than the others. The 3.5mm head phone jack has the only big problem in the C720’s build as the jack tends to jam and does not come out easily.It uses Chrome OS so the conventional windows users will need to explore the features of this OS.


In order to finish the discussion of the new Acer C720 Chrome book and give a final verdict of the widget, it can perhaps be that even the build of the device is of plastic then also the C720 is surprisingly rigid comparing to its older model C7. And it is very difficult to know that the same industry made the two laptops. The chassis does not have any noticeable flex and looks nice and hard. The speakers of the C720 are underneath the chassis and the sound isn’t great but the speakers do have max volume without any distortion. The 11-inch screen of the C720 is perfect for portable use and has standard resolution of 1366*768 which may have some issues with the users but does the job according to its price. The buyer’s of the C720 gets 12 sessions of Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi which is also packed with 100 GB of free storage on Google drive making the deal more profitable for the buyers. All over the new Acer C7200 Chrome book is a very use full gadget and full fills all the demands of the buyers by providing with all the tools in a lot cheaper price.