Google ChromeCast

Chrome Cast digital Media player

If you want a useful device at a lower price to gift to someone, then you can think of Google Chrome cast. It is a type of digital media player similar to stick pc which helps to enjoy online content like Netflicks, YouTube and and other services on an HD TV.You just need to connect the ChromeCast to the HDMI port of your TV. It can be connected to a phone and a laptop as well.This makes the content of phone to be seen on TV. It lets you open the apps of smartphone on bigger display screen like the HD TV.It can be connected with a WI-Fi . This device can be easily purchased from  e-commerce sites.The cost of this device ranges between RS 2399 to RS 2999.

Apple TV third generation

Apple TV Gen 3

Similar to Chrome cast  Apple TV 3 is also a small device which can be given as a gift to friends and the family members on special occasions.The Apples avatar of stick pc lets you enjoy contents of Apple device on TV after connecting the device to an Hd TV .The contents of iPhone or iPad  like ITunes , YouTube , local storage content can be seen on the TV .Apps can also be installed with the help of TV3. The Apple TV can be controlled through iPhone or iPad through Apples remote app. Its price ranges between RS 5189 and RS 7500.00 across different ecommerce-portals .

Bluetooth Speakers

Logitech X300 Bluetooth Speaker

You can gift this electronic item to a music lover.Bluetooth speakers do not need a wire to be connected to a music source.Being a portable small device it can be used to enjoy music anywhere.In this regard , Logitech X300 , may be a good option for you.This is a small speaker device with a loud and clear audio.The price of this device is around RS 3900.

Kindle Reading device

Kindle ebook reading device

Knowledge is the biggest gift one can have and an eBook reader may be the best gift to a person with a hobby of reading. If you are planning to give such kind of gift to somebody then Amazon kindle paper white may be a standard option.Reading the books on its standard display screen of 6 inches will be a new experience.There are 20 lakhs e-books in the library of Amazon.This is good item for book lovers as e-books are cheaper in comparison to printed books .The prime feature of the device is the backlight which can be adjusted according to convenience .The price of this device is around RS 8999.You can compared the prices across different portals .

External Hard Drive

WD MyPassport Ultra external hard drive

The use of digital storage is increasing these days an people like to store movies , photos and songs on a portable device. In such scenario portable external hard disk devices like WD MyPassport Ultra hard drive may be also a good gift options for digital data store .This device lets you store 1 TB data and quite portable with its 2.5 inch dimension.The special features in this device is that the data can be transferred very quickly due to USB 3.0 connectivity option. It will cost you around RS  3900.

Power Bank


Gifting power bank can be a good idea to a person who uses Smartphone heavily as power banks provide a backup charging at times when you don’t have a charging point facility. Heavy users of smartphone may find the 16000 MaH powerbank by of Xiaomi is very useful.It comes in a metal case and can be used to charge your smartphone three to four times on a rough estimate.The cost of this powerbank is around RS 1000.

4G Smartphone

4G Smartphone Lenovo 2010

When you need to gift someone ,  people want better phone at a lower price. If you want to gift 4G Smartphone at the low price around RS 5000 , Lenovo A2010  , can be a better gift option.This 4.5 inch  Smartphone is priced Rs 4990 and runs on Android 5.1 lollypop OS over 1.0 Ghz quad core processor.Lenovo A2010  has 1 GB RAM and 8 GB internal memory and card slot is present for expanding storage .It has 5 MP rear and 2 mp front in camera.A phone with 4G facility yet below 5K seems a good deal at present .

Action camera

Polaroid Cube Action camera

If you want to capture small and big moments in a camera then Polaroid cube is your device . The device can be given as gift to the people who like adventure .This camera helps you capture actions like sports , travel , moving photos and videos at 1080 P/720P resolution .It is a waterproof steel camera with 6 megapixel resolution.The storage in Polaroid cube can be increased till 32 GB with the help of micro SD card .It is bit expensive gift at around RS 11,930 to RS 13,990 but a useful one.