There are a number of phones available in the market with almost a new phone being launched every week. And as a matter of fact, many phone makers are not paying much attention for designing phones for the elderly citizen. Nevertheless there has been a slow rise in the phones in the last few years, which have been made specifically for the use of senior citizen. Here are 7-top phones which are perfect for elderly people :

1 iBall Aasaan 2

Iball Aasaan 2 is considered to be the best phone around for senior citizens

This phone was launched in December last year. It is most likely the best known handset in this category. In fact, the first iBall Aasaan was launched in the year of 2011, and is basically has all the features that this category of phones stands for, large buttons with large fonts that can be easily read. The phone had also an SOS button to call emergency contacts with one touch. And the iBall Aasaan 2 is very similar to the previous phone.

In addition, the iBall Aasaan 2 has some extra features like music playback, added storage, large keyboard with big buttons. Even the text and icons that appear on the display are bigger than usual. For emergency situations the phone has a dedicated SOS button, which can be used by users when they need help. Besides the phone has a dedicated side key each for FM and LED torch.

2 Magicon Senior Duo

Magicon Senior Duo is next best phone for senior citizens

This phone is also quite perfect for senior citizen. Magicon Senior Duo has large physical buttons, and a high contrast screen with large fonts. The phone is dual-SIM and its SOS button is beneficial in emergency situation. The phone is available on SnapDeal at the price of RS 1499.

3 Swingtel SW50 Plus

Swingtel SW50 Plus Phone for Old

The phone features an SOS help alert system, which can trigger a siren and also simultaneously send phone calls and SMS alerts to 3 pre-defined numbers. In addition, it features English/Hindi keypad, FM radio, torch, magnifier, and support for braille. The phone is dual-SIM and also supports a microSD card. It comes in red colour only.

4 Philips E 310

With a wider keypad Philips E 310 is also a good friend of elderly people

The phone is the successor to the Philips X2566. Philips E 310 is specially designed for senior citizens. The phone comes with a magnifier feature, SOS function, and a flash light. The device is backed by a 1,630mAh battery, which delivers 25 hours of talk time and 50 days off standby time. Moreover, the handset includes FM Radio, large keypad and 0.3MP camera. The company gives one-year warranty for the product. It can be bought online.

5 Micromax X 104C

With a tremendous battery Micromax-X104C is also a good phone for older people

The phone is dual-SIM. The device comes with an alphanumeric keypad. It has 1.8-inch Thin Film Transistor screen, which facilitates clear display even in daylight. On the connectivity front, it bears Bluetooth and USB for file transfer. The phone is backed by 1800 mAh battery which gives talk time of up to 7.5 hours and standby time of up to 330 hours. Other features of this handset include digital camera, FM radio, torch and 4GB expandable memory.

6 uFone F9

uFone F9 with a sturdy built is a nice phone especially designed for old people

This is a Quad Band phone for senior citizen.The phone features Large buttons, Radio, Flashlight, Capacitive Touch Screen LCD, and SOS Function. uFone F9 has single-SIM support. Here it is worth-mentioning that the device has not Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facility and neither has it camera. 

7 Mitashi PLAY Senior Friend

Mitashi PLAY Senior Friend  seems to be the lonely Android phone around for Senior citizens

This is an Android smart phone, which is specially made for senior citizens. The smart phone features large font for storing contacts, SOS button in case of emergencies and colour coded icons. The phone has dual-SIM support and powered by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. In addition, it features 512 MB of RAM along with 4GB inbuilt storage. It has a 4-inch IPS display. On the camera front, the device has dual-camera, primary camera with an LED flash and also  a front-facing camera. FM radio is also available with the phone.