The world’s largest smartphone maker, Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. The company has given some new features in the smartphone which overcome the iPhone.

1Galaxy S8 has an Iris Scanner

While Galaxy S8 is equipped with an Iris Scanner , to counter , there is only fingerprint scanner in the current version of IPhone

The new Galaxy S8 comes equipped with an iris scanner that unlocks the smartphone. The company claims that the iris scanner is safer than a fingerprint sensor. On the other hand, in the iPhone, you only get a fingerprint sensor. 

2Faster Face Recognition

Unlike existing Iphones Galaxy S8 features faster face reognition system in the phone

There is also a facial recognition technology feature to unlock the new smartphones, which is also much faster than the fingerprint or iris scanner. While, this feature is not currently available in the iPhone.

3 Supports Wireless Charging

In Galaxy S8 users can charge their phone with a wireless charging pad

As far as screen of the new Galaxy S8  is concerned, it has got a much larger and curved AMOLED display screen than the iPhone so far. Moreover, users can charge the Galaxy S8 with a wireless charging. But the iPhone can not be charged with a wireless charging. However, according to some reports, this feature may be added to the upcoming iPhone 8.

4Free VR Gear headset + VR Software

Samsung Galaxy S8  with its own virtual reality software will also provide VR Gear geadset on pre orders

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes equipped with its own virtual reality software. While, the iPhone does not have its own virtual reality software. For your information, you will get a free VR Gear headset, if you pre-order the Galaxy S8 before April 21. 

5 Heart Rate Sensor / No Home Button

Samsung Galaxy S8 has a heart rate sensor on the back

The physical home button has been removed in the Samsung Galaxy S8. While, the iPhone is available with the home button. The Galaxy S8 has a heart rate sensor on the back, while in Apple’s phones, you will require Apple Watch and other accessories for this feature.

6 Converts Phone to PC

Galaxy S8 is turned into a pc with the help of Dex dock extension

One of the most outstanding features of the Galaxy S8 is – you can also use the Galaxy S8 as a computer, while this is not possible in the iPhone.Galaxy S8 , with the help of a little dock named DeX aka desktop extension , you can turn the phone into a personal computer.