The use of smartphones in everyday life has increased much. You need to charge your smartphone almost daily. Although, this problem increases further when you make some mistakes during the charging. Consequently, the results not only affect the performance of the phone, but also the risk of huge losses. Know about these mistakes, iPhone users do during charging:  

1 Charging IPhone with Case on


The body of the iPhone is made of metal, but people often put a fancy case on it. If your iPhone is heating up while charging then the fancy case may be a reason. So you should remove the case during charging the phone. 


2 Storing backup without charging

Do the backup operations only if you have atleast 50% of charge left in your IPhone

If you are going to back up the old iPhone so that data can be transferred to a new iPhone, you should keep the battery of the phone at least 50 percent. Also, try to keep the phone in a cool place and not in the heat. According to Apple, if you keep your phone’s battery at low level, then it will fall into a deep discharge state.

3 Charging the battery after 100 percent

Always avoid charging IPhone after 100%

Some people always keep the phone battery 100 percent charged. As soon as the battery charging of the iPhone comes to 90 percent, they put it on charging again. This gradually reduces battery competency. Battery experts say try to keep your iPhone’s battery charged from 30 percent to 80 percent. It will keep the power capability of the phone much better. Besides, if you leave the phone charging overnight, it will damage the battery prematurely.   

4 Fully empty battery

Charge the battery of IPhone only when it gets  fully empty decreases your battery performance

Just as, some people always like to see the battery of the iPhone 100 percent charged, in the same way some people charge the battery when it is fully empty. If you also do this with your iPhone, then it is wrong. Because frequent discharge of the lithium ion battery effects the performance of battery.  

5 Overheating the battery

According to Apple, the temperature below 32 degrees is best for IPhone

It can not be called a charging problem but, nonetheless, it effects the battery very much. Users often charge the iPhone on car’s dashboard, a window or a place where the sunlight or heat is high. Because of this reason the phone becomes very hot or cold and it effects both the phone and the battery. According to Apple, the temperature below 32 degrees is good for the devices like iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

6 Use of fake charger

Cheap Charger not only affects battery performance but it can damage your IPhone as well

The charger of the iPhone is more expensive than the low- priced chargers available in the market. In such situation, when the charger damages, people buy cheap charger which effects the battery performance and, at the same time these poor quality chargers also harm your phone. If your charger is damaged then you can buy it online at Apple’s register outlet or on the Apple shop website.