Mircromax Yureka is getting many eyeballs due to the hype for being labeled as the best budget phone under Rs 10,000 category.It is being made available through flash sale by Amazon.in every thursday.The support for 4G and 12 mp front camera are perhaps its biggest usp.Going by the book you have everything looks perfect.The price seems well in budget ie. Rs 8,999.No other vendor is providing 5mp front camera and 5.5 inches display screen for this much price.However when the handset gets in to your hand ,you began to discover its drawbacks , some of which are really major ones.Check out these 5 biggest drawbacks of Micromax Yureka.

1 No Native 3G Calling

Micromax has no inbuild support for 3G calling at the dialpad

There is no inbuilt 3G video calling option provided when making a call as there is none.This means although you have a mobile network that supports direct 3G video calling , your phone , is not supporting this feature.To make a video call with Yureka , you will need a longer route – installing an app and making video call through that app.But this needs internet and also the call receiver needs to have that same app installed on his/her device.

2 Bad Camera Quality


The camera does not looks like 12 megapixel resolution although it claims to be.The picture becomes dull and blur when you pinch zoom it.If you are looking for a low light condition photography this phone will disappoint you.Check out this image compare with outdated Nokia N8 which bears the same 12 megapixel camera. 

Test Sample Image – Nokia N8

Nokia N8 Test Image

Test Sample Image – Micromax Yureka

Yureka Test Image


3 Regular SIM slot missing

There is no slot to put your regular size sim in Yureka

When you open the Micromax Yureka back cover to insert your regular sim you will get another shock.There is no slot for regular sim in this phone.It has got two micro-sim slot.So you will need to run to the nearby mobile service/repair-waala to cut your regular sim or make an application to the service provider to replace your regular with with a micro-sim.


4 Low Speaker Volume

Low Audio Volume in Micromax Yureka

When the phone rings chances are that you will not notice its ringtone.The speaker volume is so low that if you happen to watch a youtube video or an mp3 song you will need the headphone.

5Device Heating

Micromax Yureka has a heating and restart problem.

Heating has been one of the common problems on the Yu Yureka.Playing games on yureka heats up the phone very quickly even when it has a powerful Snapdragon 615 processor. Even simple tasks like texting or browsing the internet device heats the device up to a temperature greater than 50°C in a matter of minutes.