It is a major problem of  iPhone battery draining frequently. Although, it happens because of its small size battery and users, too, often doing something with the phone. In addition, Apps also drain the iPhone battery such as the Facebook app.

Prevent Your IPhone battery Draining Quickly with these methods

You will be surprised to know that the Facebook app effects battery life, in fact it was revealed in a report. If you delete the Facebook app and run it through the browser, you will find that this is true and your iPhone battery life will certainly improve.

You Can Use These Tips For Improving iPhone Battery Life:

1 If you you do not need, turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

2 Keep the display light low.

3 Reduce screen time out.

4 Keep the vibration function off.

5 Close the apps which you do not use.

6 You can turn on auto- brightness.

7 You can use power saving mode.

8 You can turn off app location services.